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Your pattern would be a good part of the conversation to get hired.

Keep in mind that the pattern has an emphasis on “higher profits” (a moving-toward motivation) that some people won’t respond best to. You should add a moving-away tactic too ”

One of my favorite motivation patterns I thank Blair Warren for. Here are the steps:

Let them know the BIG picture … the bands potential, the bigger gigs, the fan appeal that can be tapped through T-shirt sales, music downloads, fan parties, etc..
Let them know that their part, no matter how small, is a HUGE part of the BIG picture. “Your work is absolutely vital to accomplishing all of this.” Then describe in detail how their contribution helps the BIG picture.
Acknowledge that this will require sacrifice on their part. “To do this it means making that extra effort. It’s work but those extra calls, those extra follow-ups that you make is what will make the difference. It will take some sacrifice from you.”Ask for agreement. “Can I count on you to make that sacrifice?”

I like this tactic because it involves explaining the BIG picture. Keep in mind that most of us are too worried about what’s in the moment to see the huge potentials small actions can have. When you point this out to people they see things in a new way … and see you as the messenger.

SIDE NOTE: In Hebrew the word for angel translates as “messenger”. You are making yourself their “angel”.


Dantalion Jones


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