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it seems that Jodi Arias has everyone’s attention. She may not get the death penalty…I wonder how much people has put money on it…

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> Great insight, Atman.
> I’m not a lawyer but I see no legal reason why hypnosis can’t be used to prep a witness. >
> Heck, I would even use it to prep someone for a polygraph exam…. you can’t lie about what you don’t know about or remember. >
> I think the legal fine line is can testimony taken from hypnosis be used and that I don’t know. >
> IMO, the best way to prep for such a cross examination is to know what is coming and rehearse a lot. Hypnosis would help. >
> Jodi Arias has an advantage in that she is not trying to disprove she committed murder. Instead she is trying to justify the event for a lesser conviction or dismissal. This is harder for the prosecution who are trying to paint the events as they want and presume premeditation. >
> In this scenario we are entering into game theory where two players are competing for a single outcome. It looks like Jodi Arias took it to another level by finding and exaggerating the prosecutions weak points and emphasizing her own presumed innocence. >
> Dantalion
> —
> Thanks for posting that, and I’ll add some thoughts (with the understanding that they relate only to Arius’s performance on the stand and are not an opinion of her guilt or innocence.) >
> Having watched more than a few trials, it is funny to observe the demeanor and style of prosecutors and how similar many of them are. Most of them come off as annoying jackasses. This is on purpose. Their behavior is specifically geared into getting people to have emotional reactions under cross examination. Emotions are a line to and from the subconcious, and when people are emotional, their inner thoughts tend to come out. Prosecutors specifically work to get people emotional to increase the chances of a “Perry Mason,” moment. So while it might seem that the prosecutor is becoming slightly unhinged or befuddled, it is for a purpose. In fact, the prosecutor pays no penalty for grating on anyone’s nerves because he is not the one on trail. It is common to have a collegue handle the friendly witnesses so that it becomes a variation of the “good cop/bad cop” ploy and thence the aggressive prosecutor doesn’t completely alienate the jury from > considering the state’s case.
> One way to prepare people for cross examination–especially if they are the one on trail–is to use the drill sargeant approach during testimony rehearsal. A member of the defense team pretends to be the prosecutor and gets as personal and as nasty as possible–far beyond what an actual prosecutor will do. When you prepare people by rehearsing the worst case scenario, the stress of the actual situation will seem light by comparison. >
> There is a slight downside to this. Sometimes if the person on the stand seems too detached or calm, he/she may come off as an emotionless robot or a sociopath to the jury. >
> But since we here are all concerned with mind control,(and because you never know when you might be caught up in the wave of crusading prosecutors and indifferent law enforcement) how might one use such skills to prepare for a trail testimony, or interrogation by police investigators? >
> A post-hypnotic command leaps to mind, however many places have laws concerning hypnosis and legal testimony. For example, nothing a witness may remember under hypnosis is legally admissable. >
> If anyone in the group is an attorney, I’d be interested to know what limits there are to the use of hypnosis and court preparation. Would ANY hypnosis disqualify a witness from testimony, even if it is only to keep an even keel on the stand? >
> And as food for thought, what could one do to throw a prosecutor off his/her game? >
> Atman
> — In mindcontrol101@yahoogroups.com, Dantalion Jones wrote: > >
> > I don’t know if you’re following the Jodi Arius murder trial but in short she is accused to killing her boyfriend. As they say “When it bleeds it leads” so all media is sucking up the sensationalism of it all.
> > She gave some awesome testimony that show how to really keep cool under pressure when she was cross examined by the prosecution. > > I posted it, and my comments on my blog at this link.
> >
> > http://dantalionjones.com/jodi-arias-strength-under-pressure/ > > Dantalion
> >


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